Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Burmese Art At The Museum

Recently I went to see the newest exhibition at the Museum of Asian Civilizations, ‘Cities and Kings, Ancient Treasures from Myanmar’.  The exhibition is only a small one, giving the visitor a rather hurried tour of Burmese art, mainly religious, from the Bagan period to the 19th century. Nonetheless, most pieces are exceptional and demonstrate the refinement of Burmese civilization. After seeing the exhibition I had a look at some of the museum’s recent acquisitions, including several pieces of Buddhist sculpture from Mathura, Gandhara and China. The exhibition is on until the 5th of Match 2017



brahmavihara said...

A very fine exhibition of Buddha rupas indeed.

maciej said...

Venerable Sir,

The collection of the Burmese art you wrote about here is indeed wonderful.
And thank you for sharing the pictures with all of us.
HOWEVER, can we really enjoy that art while at the same time
people who call themselves "Buddhists" persecute those of other
faiths precisely in Burma (Myanmar)? I know, I'm spamming now -
that's because you, Sir, have successfully barricated yourself
from receiving emails (I've tried to contact you via your Singapore center,
to no avail). I believe that nobody who considers their Buddhism seriously
can simply neglect what happens with Rohingya people in Myanmar.
I believe that if we do nothing about the persecution of the innocent
at hands of some Buddhists, the Dhamma is already dead.
A petition at Petitions24 and a fundraiser at crowdrise.com have been
launched by yours truly for the sake of Rohingyas, both being pathetic failures.
But I am in touch with Alan Senauke (http://www.clearviewproject.org/)
to discuss a plan to at least help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.
Please do join the effort.

I am, Venerable Sir, sincerely yours,
Maciej Janowicz, Warsaw, Poland

Samiddhi2010 said...

Dear Maciej,

Just to keep you informed, Bhante is in the process of relocating and is facing a challenge to use this blog as it is still affected by a recent hacking of his email.
Thanks for your understanding.
On behalf of Bhante, I am reposting his response here :

Dear Maciej,
thanks for your message. I have not ‘barricaded myself
from receiving emails’ but on the 8th February my email
address was hacked and only three days ago have I managed to
get someone to disentangle the mess. It’s always best to
resist not jumping to conclusions Maciej. If you read some
if my early blog posts you will see my feelings about
Burma’s military government, and having lived in Asia I am
well aware that Buddhists are as prone to prejudice and
hatred as are other religious groups. However, as I’m sure
you understand it is simply not possible to express an
opinion on every incident of injustice – because there are
so many. Anyway, right now I have some very difficult
issues in my life which, along with the hacking, is the
reason I have not looked at my blog since the end of
January. And at present I cannot access my original
blog address. Good luck with your petition.

Celso said...

I have a question regarding Bhante's whereabouts in May. I'm sorry if this is inappropriate for some reason. Could someone please post his contact info here?
Thank you very much and sorry if this is not okay for some reason!

Samiddhi2010 said...

Dear Celso,
Bhante has relocated back to Australia. As per the comment I posted earlier, he has not been able to access his blog due to the challenges he faced with his email.

I have emailed him your question 2 weeks ago have yet to receive a reply from him.

Bhante usually requires assistance with his computer network but he is largely on his own at the moment.

Hope for your understanding and patience.

XYZ said...

These statues looking absolutely stunning.

Buddha Hollywood said...

Stunning beauty! Thank you for sharing!